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All That Glitters: Camomile Hixon’s “Glitter Grotto” at Tria Gallery

Not much has changed about me since I was a five year old – I still basically love anything pink or sparkly. That’s why I was drawn to Camomile Hixon’s “Glitter Grotto” exhibit at Chelsea’s Tria Gallery. Hixon’s whimiscal, otherwordly glitter creations feature unicorns, large scale words, and cavernous spaces – all of which contribute to a fantasy-filled experience. The exhibit’s namesake piece, “Glitter Grotto,” however, is the biggest draw – a larger than life cave covered in pink glitter, complete with sparkling stalactites and stalagmites that viewers can actually walk into. Show runs until October 19th.

Hixon 1 Hixon 2 Hixon 3 hixon 4

Tria Gallery opens breakthrough installation “Glitter Grotto by Camomile Hixon”, the artist’s three-dimensional vision of utopia involving organic forms intersecting with artificial light and man-made surfaces. Glitter is the medium of choice for Hixon, and here shimmering caves become cathedrals, sending the viewer on a path of introspection with, the artist hopes, “notions of evolution, a human’s place in the universe, and divinity”. Her installations and paintings push the parallel lines of fantasy and reality ever closer together. She is interested in lifting the veils of illusion by offering alternate realities, utilizing clean, shimmering lines, iridescent negative spaces, and twinkling flecks of light. The paintings and installation are meditation on infinite possibility and timeless awareness.

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  1. Vicky Thornton says:

    I make all my own different types of sparkley artwork on canvas.
    I wondered if you would be interested in helping me get my artwork out there

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