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All Made Up: Zach Hyman’s Mythologies at YOTEL

The glossy photos present an archive on the wall in front of you: parafictions laid out from end to end. Photographs document several discarded items found in the hotel’s lost-and-found division: a pill box, miniature perfume bottles, a drawing pad. The objects themselves share wall space with a handwritten note, card-catalog style, tracing their histories. Zach Hyman has meticulously chosen a wide array of used things to captivate his audience. Like a magician or masterful film director, his sleight of hand allows for nuanced views of playful narratives.


Housed on the fourth floor of YOTEL, a sleek, Virgin Airlines-esque hotel located in Midtown West in Manhattan, Mythologies: Artifacts from Lost & Found is sprawled out along a wall in the rec room space to the left of the elevators. The spot itself can be difficult to find, but once you arrive to the exhibit you’ll stay longer than you expected. The whimsical narratives and quixotic photographs seem like something straight out of the Great Budapest Hotel or Amelie. The artist approaches these lost & found items with a mix of satire and seriousness, an infectious combination that makes for a fun and inspiring visit.

Mythologies is on view at YOTEL through February and into March. Stop by and stay for a drink at the futuristic bar on Floor 4 for an experience straight out of Star Trek!

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