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ABC No Rio

A Lower East Side institution since 1980, ABC No Rio is the epicenter of DIY culture- featuring  rock and punk shows, a gallery space and art studios. A collective of collectives, the building houses non-profits such as Food not Bombs, Darkroom Collective, The Zine Library, Books Through Bars, The Citizens Ontological Music Agenda and a Visual Arts Collective which has studios and gallery space. They have been holding weekly Saturday punk rock matinee shows since CBGB’s stopped hosting them in 1989. The collective operates on the principal of not “selling out to corporate sponsors”.

ABC no Rio, Lower East Side, DIY scene, punk rock shows
The building was sold to ABC No Rio by the city of New York in 1997 for $1 after years of legal battles over their squatter status. The condition was that ABC No Rio must vacate the squatters living in the building, and raise funds to bring the building up to code.

What: ABC No Rio collective

Where:  156 Rivington

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