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Back in the 1930s, Caresse Crosby was the socialite talk of the town, known not only for inventing the modern bra (boob caresser) but also for throwing the best parties ever. In the mod 1930s, Crosby held the epic party Bal Onirique at the Coq Rouge in Midtown for Salvador and Gala Dali. The party required New York’s high society to make costumes with Dali’s vision in mind (how I wish these types of parties still existed outside of the unwashed hair of Bushwick).  “It was an experiment to see how far New Yorkers would respond to a chance to express their own dreams. Only a dozen or two actually succeeded in this expression. The others may think they are expressing themselves, but, really, they have betrayed themselves.” (The Mirror)



Dali and Gala dressed as the Lindbergh baby and his kidnapper, which pissed everyone off, requiring a public apology in the newspaper. Crosby was quite the interesting lady, marrying a zillion times, writing pornography for Henry Miller, being besties with Dali, Ezra Pound and Max Ernst, and had affairs with Henri-Cartier Bresson, black boxer Canada Lee (a total scandal in the late 20s), and Buckminster Fuller. Dali also wrote his autobiography at Crosby’s Hamptons estate. She lived in Manhattan, the Hamptons, and in a 15th Century castle north of Rome that she turned into an artists’ colony. What a crazy life!


I only wish there were pictures of Bal Onirique- if anyone out there has seem some please send them over!

Who: Caresse Crosby, Salvador Dali

What: Epic Masquerade Ball

Where: Le Coque Rouge, 65 East 56th Street

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