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100,000 Lbs of Rope

Now that Leo Villareal’s Buckyball is gone, Madison Square Park is ready for its next public art installation. Taking residence for the summer isn’t another glowing sculpture, but instead, rope. A LOT of rope. The installations, called “Red, Yellow and Blue,” are by New York artist Orly Genger and are basically 100,000 pounds of interwoven rope, covered in 3,000 gallons of paint. Wasteful? Maybe. Ok, probably. Interesting? We’ll see. What is interesting is that the rope she uses is approximately 1.4 million feet- or 20 times the length of Manhattan.

genger1 genger2

The paint covered-rope walls don’t activate the park quite like Buckyball or Gormley’s sculptures did, but maybe they’ll grow on me. I suppose I should wait until they’re entirely installed before I judge.

genger4 genger3

Who: Orly Genger

What: Red, Yellow, Blue

Where: Madison Square Park, officially opening May 2- Sept 8

Photos ©Lori Zimmer

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