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Why Not Let Nature Inspire Art at the LA River?

No doubt you’ve all been following the LA River rejuvenation/restoration progress.  Art takes many forms, dear readers, and this scribe’s appreciation is not limited to what hangs on a wall.  The beauty of a project that dedicates its time and passion to reviving a waterway right in the heart of LA is every bit as pretty as a painting.

Since Lewis MacAdams and his partners founded Friends of the Los Angeles River (FoLAR) nearly 20 years ago, bike paths and kayaking have sprung up in what was once a 50 mile long cement slab of no-man’s land.  In parts it may look like the world’s largest storm drain, but it is, in fact, a legitimate, natural river which was paved over in the late 1930’s as part of the city’s flood control project.

Creativity now abounds through the work of FoLAR and it’s community hub, The Frog Spot.  Right in the neighborhood you have the yearly Frogtown Art Walk (which just took place a few weekends ago), and the fine folks at Clockshop.

Tomorrow our friends at de Lab host an Afternoon at the Frog Spot with a conversation with FoLAR co-founder Lewis MacAdams and Frog Spot General Manager Laura Kelly; followed by some live music and general merry making.  MacAdams says FoLAR has been a “40 year art work” to bring the Los Angeles River back to life.

Reviving nature = art indeed.

Afternoon at the Frog Spot

Saturday, September 27

3pm – 5pm

2825 Benedict Street, Los Angeles, CA 90039


Frogspot; photo courtesy of FoLAR

Frogspot; photo courtesy of FoLAR

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