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‘This World Made Itself’ by Miwa Matreyek at REDCAT


Check out an amazing performance of Miwa Matreyek’s latest piece ‘This World Made Itself’  premiering this weekend at REDCAT!

Los Angeles multimedia performance artist Miwa Matreyek creates magical, visually rich fusions of intricate animation and live performance that leave audiences spellbound. Her latest solo work, This World Made Itself, merges cinematic vistas with theater and intricate shadow play. The fantastical kaleidoscopic experience is sophisticated yet full of childlike wonder, leading the audience through the history of the earth, from its birth to today’s complex and fast-paced world. The thematic journey is a spectacle of surrealistic metaphor and fantasy. Matreyek also performs Myth and Infrastructure, which traverses seascapes, cityscapes and domestic spaces to conjure dreamlike scenes with nuanced layers of light and shadow. via REDCAT


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