Art Nerd New York | Los Angeles

Dear Diary: Sucklord (its epic!)

Editors Note – This week we have a series of exclusive Interviews and Dear Diaries leading up to the opening of Designer Con 2013, November 9 & 10, 2013 at […]

Dear Diary: Anne Grauso

This week we’re featuring the enigmatic Anne Grauso, a performance artist living and working in LA. You might remember her from this great Art Nerd New York obsessions post written […]

Dear Diary: David Foox

This week we have a really amazing new Dear Diary feature to share on Art Nerd City Guides. David Foox is an artist living and working in LA, originally hailing […]

Dear Diary: Nimai Kesten

Art Nerd LA has been on the scene meeting some pretty awesome LA-based artists.  Last week we did a studio visit with artist Nimai Kesten and this week we have […]

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