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Special Offer for Art Nerds ONLY! Post-Internet Art Discussion

unfortunately this event has been CANCELED 🙁
{LA – 3/30/16}

Context in Flux: Contemporary Art in Space and Online

Thursday, March 31st, 6:30-8:30 PM
LACE (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions)
6522 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles 90028

ArtTable Members: $20; Non-Members: $25; Students: $10
!!!! FREE {see below} !!!!
Refreshments will be served.


Since the start of the millennium the Internet has become a force that has permeated every aspect of culture and society. Internet-based artistic practice has gained ubiquity as a new generation has emerged that interweaves art with virtual reality. These artists directly engage with social media, online commercialism, rapidly advancing digital, and mobile technologies. Their work challenges prevailing definitions of art by extending the bounds of its audience, its cultural reach, and its integration with everyday life. This panel will explore the persistent, dynamic relationship that continues to form between art, the Internet, and emerging technologies, and will consider how current configurations may evolve in the future.

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PARKER ITO @ Chateau Shatto

Moderated by contemporary art curator and writer, Courtney Malick, the panel includes Gene McHugh, author of Post-Internet: Notes on the Internet and Art 12.29.09 > 09.05.10 and head of Digital Media at the Fowler Museum, UCLA; Olivia Barrett, co-owner/director of the downtown L.A. gallery, Chateau Shatto; and artists Amalia Ulman and Jeff Baij, whose careers are geared towards digital and mediated modes of artmaking. The panelists will discuss timely issues such as: How does our reliance on the Internet as a tool change the way art is made, seen, and experienced? What new challenges does the Internet create for artists and is social media’s impact on the art world for the better or the worse? Does authenticity have a role to play within this context? How is mass engagement with the Internet positioned vis-à-vis art institutions and the art market? Join us for a public panel, curated by ArtTable’s Southern California Chapter, that explores the dynamic relationship between art and Internet technologies.

gene mchugh post internet

Art Nerd readers can attend this ArtTable SoCal panel for free if they tweet/DM @laurenmalbrecht request on Twitter or Instagram {faster service} OR email {slower service] and I’ll share with you the special code to sign up for this event for FREE!

Refreshments will be served.Parking is available in the lot behind the building, accessible from Wilcox Ave. Thanks to ArtTable members Roni Feinstein and Susan Power for organizing this program

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