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SoCal road trip to San Diego for ArtExpo



ArtExpo is a curated selection of emerging artists and DIY- creatives who create hand-made objects, original artwork, silkscreens and collectibles. Taking place July 24-26, ArtExpo is created by the students at Media Design School of Digital Arts at New School of Architecture + Design and takes place during Comic-Con and Gam3rCon at the Wonderbread Factory Campus location, 121 14th Street, San Diego. Free to the public. Search, promote and share #ArtExpoSD

ArtExpo Convention : Second Floor (Thursday, July 24 – Saturday, July 26)

The second floor is an Expo or Comic-Con oriented display of booths with artists making available zines, books, DIY-creative projects, T-Shirts, Jewelry and Art-oriented products, prints, etc. ArtPin will be featuring live painting, demos at booths, and all artists will be on site.

Sponsors—Cartwheel Art from Los Angeles is bringing 50 different artists to ArtExpo and featuring many local luminaries in their line up.

Thursday, July 24 : VIP event and party

Pasadena fine artist Mark Todd celebrates superheroes like no other and brings a fearless cast of characters to San Diego to celebrate ArtExpo during Comic-Con at the Wonderbread Factory campus of the Media Design School of Digital Arts, New School of Architecture + Design July 24 at 5:30 PM. This VIP gathering of local creatives is an exhibition featuring over 150 artists showcased on two floors. Looking for a great piece of art, zine, book, or print? No problem, ArtExpo delivers.

Opening Film Short by JooYoung Choi

Interactive talk and prize package by Mark Todd

Scholarship prize offered by the New School of Architecture + Design ($6,000 value)

This event is perfect for inspiration. Bring your curiosity and meet over 50 artists from around the world and local favorites.

Time: 5:30 – 9PM

Interactive Talk : 6:30 PM

Party and Expo : 4—9PM

Art Gallery = Premiere Opening featuring 45 fine artists from around the world

ArtExpo = Premiere Opening and ALL 50 exhibitors on display

Location : Wonderbread Factory : 121 14th Street, Downtown SD

Sponsors : Cartwheel Art, SDX, Solar Rain Watery, FatCat Brewing Co., ArtPin, Murphy Design, Tim Mantoani Photography, Ninthlink, SDVAN, San Diego Film Festival, Media Design School of Digital Arts, New School of Architecture

Curated by Mark Murphy, Murphy Design, San Diego

Sign up for  the VIP Party HERE

Thursday, July 24

Hours = 4pm – 9pm

Friday, July 25

Hours = 10am – 9pm

Opening Party 6pm – 9pm

Saturday, July 26

Hours = 10am – 6pm

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