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‘I Coulda Been a Contender’: Kenny Schachter on L.A. Wildcatters, a Davos Doomsayer, the London Auctions, and the Future of the Art Market via @ARTnewsmag features these gems:

  • re: Auction Season: “…in the case of art there is a backlash brewing against the epic paradigm shift of viewing art through money goggles.”
  • re: Simchowitz: “The self-styled art activist is fighting a guerrilla war of his own devising, replete with a band of apostles, albeit in his case an army of six-foot-tall brunette beauties.”
  • re: Phillips “Besides a record of more than $4 million for what amounted to an Ai Weiwei golden charm bracelet of tabletop Zodiac heads in an edition of 12 (counting proofs), the big news at Phillips this time around was phone connectivity.” LOL!

How to Start an Art School by Andrew Beradini via @MomusArt Thought-provoking read:

  • “Maybe the whole university-industrial complex in the US is busted. When I read that Elizabeth Holmes, the 30-year-old female billionaire who revolutionized blood-testing, decided to drop out of Stanford and take her school money to successfully develop her idea, it gave me pause.”

The Art World’s 60-Year Rut: Is the Next Golden Age on the Horizon? by Daniel Simmons via @ObserverArts A possibly overdue rant on the state of the art market:

  • “So, when’s the last time anyone said the same thing about Contemporary art? Even art dealer David Zwirner complained about the “lack of excitement in New York”—and that was 10 years ago.”
  • “since Contemporary art must constantly be fresh to its own history and little else, then no surprise that after a half-century of the mandate, we’re left with a stock-in-trade of $100 million paintings and vast numbers of reasonably intelligent members of the public looking as dimly on Contemporary art today as they did when Jackson Pollock still had time to sober up.”
  • “The fact is, golden ages don’t happen when exclusivity rules. Just the opposite. They come when the gates and chains controlling consumption, competition, production, barriers to entry, and innovation have been smashed to pieces, allowing more people to participate in more ways—both as producers and consumers.”

Amy Cappellazzo on What the Fully Loaded Art Advisory Firm of the Future Looks Like via @artspace

  • Interesting observation: “There’s so much passion and such a flurry of activity around contemporary art right now that many are entering the market at a price point that feels entry-level, which means emerging artists, but the truth is that artists go right on up from entry-level price points really fast rather than having to wait for their second, third, or fourth show and a couple of group shows, et cetera.”

You Must See Anish Kapoor’s Perpetual Black Whirlpool at Kochi-Muziris Biennale—It’s Amazing by Zoe Li via @Artnet

  • Indeed, Zoe’s right!

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