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Pushing the Press – a massive Graphic Design exhibition

A + D Gallery November 19 2015 - February 29 2016

A + D Museum
November 19 2015 – February 29 2016


This is for the Design Nerds of LA :

Fifteen years ago the graphic design world was a completely different place – where lead pencils and straight edges still reigned the kingdom and computers were sort of there to help with kerning and layout along the way.

Fifteen years ago I myself had just learned architectural drafting by hand – AutoCAD hadn’t yet become standard and hand rendering everything was a requirement. It was thereabouts around that time that I also learned to screen print and carve a spoon by hand.

My work now is largely informed by analog methods of making while being processed, sometimes quite heavily, in an Apple machine. But much like the first light bulb ever invented (that evidently is still burning) our old printing, letterpress and binding equipment, reminiscent of locomotive machinery, is still working for us and our new and modern brains continue to push it into new territory. Indeed, the world of Graphic Design is absolutely not dictated by heartless computers and is still actually quite analog.


Folded mailer printed for AIGA Los Angeles Designed by Andy Cruz at House Industries Double split fountain – pink to green

Pushing the Press is a collection of over 800 examples of Southern California’s finest design from the year 2000 to now. Pieces collected over this period effectively document not only changing aesthetic trends and technologies, but also the means in which they present themselves. Artwork has been collected exclusively from Typecraft. And if you don’t know, here’s a bit about Typecraft :: it’s a Pasadena print facility serving most of the West Coast and some of the East – incidentally it’s the go-to manufacturer of printed wonders by the likes of John Clark, Jessica Fleischmann and Brian Roettinger who’s experimental works will be displayed in the show. In a nutshell, if something important has happened in West Coast design – it’s more than likely passed through the halls (and presses) of Typecraft.

The exhibition at A + D Museum (organized by USC Roski School of Art and Design Special Projects Class) serves to observe not just the finished product, but the relationship of those who have worked intimately with artists and designers to push the limits of printing processes to create new and interesting things. Unlike a typical fine artist who’s creative process is largely isolating, the process of design involves not just a creator, but the professionals who actually make the idea exist in tangible form. From the press release “This archive is the result of the loving labor of an entire dedicated community”.

The collection is displayed by techniques and technologies employed – split fountains, die cuts, unique bindings, embossing, debossing, toothy papers, shiny foils and multiple inks can all be perused easily by section – it may also serve to function as the broadest documentation of print technologies available (and how to use them) ever in one place.

If you’re interested in coming out to the opening party and celebrating alongside the designers and curators $20 will get you in – tickets can be purchased here. Otherwise the works will be on display for three whole months free of charge so you’ve got lots of time to visit and revisit the exhibition. The Museum is in the Arts District and is therefore an ideal spot to plan other fun things for the rest of your evening. If good design excites your heart, please don’t miss the opportunity to explore the Typecraft Design Library.


A + D Museum

900 E 4th Street

Los Angeles, CA 90013

Opening Reception Party Thursday November 19 2015 7pm – 10pm

tickets can be purchased here ($20 entry helps contribute to the cost of getting the show together, unlike a typical art show the works are not for sale)

On view until February 29 2016

Regular Admission :
General Adult: $7
Students+ Seniors: $5
A+D Members and Children under 12: Free



Poster for student exhibition of graphic design in Los Angeles by John Clark at Looking. Letterforms are sculpted with the use of both CMC and steel hand punching


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