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Kenny Scharf’s Davis Bros. Tires Mural Progress

SOOOO its the last installment of our  “The Art Nerd LA Week of Kenny” and we hoped you love it as much as we did!  All this week Kenny has been working hard on his new Branded Arts mural in Culver City.  It’s interesting because there was this pre-existing art project by a young female artist that he added a TV around and then a bunch of his amazing classic ‘Scharf-ian’ cartoony characters coming out of that work.  We hung out with Warren Brand and Kenny on Day 2 and got to talk more about the Culver City gallery scene and how Warren is curating the vacant walls throughout West LA.  Scharf was very happy with the placement of this mural because he lives and works in the area AND has been a customer of Davis Bros. Tires for many years (How about that!?) We also heard a rumor that Kenny might be glamming up the bus stop near the site as well.

Day 1

This is it!! Image via kenny Scharf

Image via Kenny Scharf

Day 2





Day 3

Day 4

Today (Day 5)

Who: Kenny Scharf

What: Branded Arts Mural

Where: Davis Bros. Tires, 5931 West Washington Blvd, Culver City

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