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Jud Bergeron’s A Collection of Objects Hits Dallas

We are so excited for our friend Jud Bergeron’s upcoming show in Dallas, Texas! His multifaceted sculptural works pull on my art nerd heart strings that adore Boccioni, Picasso, and Giacometti. But Bergeron’s pieces have a contemporary, and very personal twist. The artist has the innate ability to address personal and narrative emotions with non objective and abstract work, allowing for open (and often therapeutic) interpretation for his viewers. A COLLECTION OF OBJECTS opens SATURDAY, APRIL 2, 2016, reception from 5 – 8:30 PM at Carneal Simmons Contemporary. Congrats Jud!
Examining the past 8 years of sculptural practice, this show draws on the key moments from 3 solo shows and countless group shows while introducing new works. From narrative based works dealing with friendship, loss and fatherhood to non objective and abstract works this inaugural show at Carneal Simmons will serve as both an introduction to my work as well as a launch pad for things to come.

The new works in this show are further examinations of the most successful pieces of the last 8 years. While creating anthropomorphic works such as ‘The Crystalline Baby’ and ‘Peg Leg Wilson’ I discovered that the true essence of these works was how light creates shadow on monochromatic surfaces if they are slightly faceted. It also occurred to me that if I remove the ‘figure’ element from the work than they become meditations on shadow and form. All of the new wall works in this show are based on this principal.
I’ve been really interested in using technology to create multiples while still creating things analog. The paper pieces in this show are exactly that. Each piece was created by hand as stream of consciousness works, however, once completed in paper, I carefully scan them and have digital models made of them and then 3D printed so that I can cast them in any material I desire. This exercise satisfies not only my love to make things by hand but also an obsession to see my works realized in computer perfection.
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