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Hi from ANDREA ZITTEL (she needs a lil $)

I’m a Zittle fan, we go way back to her 2005 New Museum show in NY. I knew she was up to something in the High Desert, apparently she needs a little help from her friends… Read on and consider supporting her USA Project.



Dear Friends,

High Desert Test Sites is a small non-profit organization in the California High Desert, that nurtures independent art projects and life missions that happen outside the auspices of larger institutions and art world systems. The vast desert region where we are located draws many amazing and inspirational figures who live their lives as either critical or creative gestures. Our endeavor supports and brings attention to these people and their special projects.

Co-founded by Andrea Zittel in 2002, HDTS has thrived for eleven years on a micro budget, the generosity of a group of amazing and dedicated volunteers, a lot of grit, and local goodwill. To date we have hosted over 200 artists, architects, designers, and desert doers, and our sites stretch over 60 miles and four unique desert communities. In the spring of 2013 we finally achieved our long sought after non-profit status that will enable us to grow and expand our mission by seeking out private donations and funding.

In addition to workshops, events, and long-term site-specific projects, HDTS hosts periodic large events that play host to both national and international artists who have demonstrated an investment in the cultural context of the desert. Our next event HDTS 2013 will be an event of epic proportions and will expand our reach and span three US states, with 60 new projects sited along desert highways stretching from Joshua Tree, California to Albuquerque, New Mexico.

In order to fund this massive undertaking, we have launched a USA Projects fundraising page for HDTS 2013. This is our first fundraiser, and it will be our sole source of funding for HDTS 2013. The costs of hosting a week-long event with 60 independent projects over 700 miles are very high for a small non-profit organization, but we are excited about the event and all of the amazing artists and their projects and are totally committed to raising the funds needed.

High Desert Test Sites is a labor of love, and for years was completely self-funded. However we are at the brink of what our resources will permit. We really need your help! Through this fundraising campaign we hope to raise $20,000 to support the HDTS 2013 event and another $30,000 to support the artists and their projects. Every single dollar that we raise beyond our administrative costs will go directly to the artists, and will be split evenly between their projects. There are so many exciting and deeply committed artists involved in HDTS 2013, and even being able to help subsidize basic expenses such as travel and lodging will make a big difference.

Please help support the HDTS 2013 projects by donating to our USA Projects fundraiser:

With many thanks,
The HDTS Staff & Volunteers
Andrea Zittel, Aurora Tang, Brad Hudson Thomas, Brooks Hudson Thomas, & Eden Solas

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