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HELP #bringbackovation in Los Angeles!


Los Angeles area residents may have noticed OvationTV is no longer included in Timewarner Cable’s variety channel lineup.  Ridiculous considering a) TimeWarner is the main cable service provider in the region and b) Ovation TV’s corporate headquarters is located in Santa Monica!  For those of you not familiar with OvationTV, its the only cable channel in America dedicated to the arts, all-types, all the time (kinda like how Bravo was back in the early 90s before reality TV took over).  As a true artnerd, my favorite shows on Ovation are the art history documentaries, semi-boring but they do trigger fond memories of my undergraduate studies.  Think Christo, Robert Smithson and Dale Chihuly documentaries mixed in with some Antiques Roadshow, Film and Musical Theatre programming. Awesome right? Well apparently not awesome enough for Timewarner.


Ovation is on a tear with an impressive arts advocacy campaign with its own hashtag: #bringbackovation to remedy this situation. Please read on to see how you can help by signing a petition and tweeting your US State Senators and Representative.  Since I’m new to LA (+ #politicaldork x #socialmediajunkie) I was excited to find out Dianne Feinstein and Barabara Boxer are my US Senators through Ovation’s amplify your voice tweetboard!! Sorry Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell – these CA ladies are just more ballsy.  I digress, PLEASE visit:, sign the petition, and share you value the arts with your friends and neighbors on social media! Everything we can do to promote the arts to mainstream audiences via an amazing cable channel like Ovation can only strengthen our arts communities and arts ecosystem!

Who knows…maybe one day you will see us art-nerding-it-up on OvationTV 😉

More information on OvationTV’s fight for access

Ovation, the only arts cable network in America, is a key element in the national arts delivery system, by making the arts accessible and affordable to millions of American homes. As an independent network, Ovation brings tremendous value to the arts both locally and nationally.

Ovation serves a vital role in supporting arts locally, providing funding, lobbying, donations, PSAs, etc., and has given more than $15 million in donations and in-kind support to local cultural institutions, arts education programs and individual arts in areas where Ovation is carried.

Ovation increases awareness and interest in the arts and culture through the most accessible of mediums – television – and is a powerful audience development tool for local cultural institutions. This is especially critical in this time of fiscal constraints and shrinking arts budgets.

Now more than ever, this access is being threatened. In January 2013 Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks dropped Ovation from their channel line-ups.

Help us stand for the arts and sign our petition demanding that Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks bring back the arts and reinstate Ovation, so that individuals can continue to have access to the only network in the nation dedicated to the arts.

It’s time to stand together for the arts and let Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks know that in fact, the arts play a vital role in our lives and the well being of our communities.


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