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Five Exciting Young Artists at MADE IN L.A. 2016!


Made in L.A. 2016 opens this Sunday, June 12 and is on view through August 28, 2016 at our beloved Hammer Museum! The biennial is co-curated by two babes ~ Hammer curator Aram Moshayedi and  Hamza Walker, curator of Chicago’s Renaissance Society.  A sparse exhibition title “a, the, though, only “ is a specifically commissioned piece of poetry by minimalist poet and writer Aram Saroyan, as his contribution to the exhibition. At the press conference (a few months ago) the curators reviewed each artist and shared details of how the exhibition addresses “Los Angeles as a center of activity inseparable from the global network of art production” as well as how many of these artists move fluidly across disciplines. They also remarked how this exhibition is more concerned with sharing “in-depth presentations of individual bodies of work” and “concepts and ideas” rather than “objects” or market driven trends.

Here are five artists (in no particular order) to look forward to this weekend at the Made in L.A. 2016 opening ~

1) Martine Syms


Martine Syms
Still from A Pilot for a Show About Nowhere
2015. Two-channel HD video, color, sound. 24:29 min.

This year the curators seemed to really dial in what essentially happens in LA, cultural production. Martine Syms is a “conceptual entrepreneur” based in Los Angeles who uses publishing, video, and performance to look at the making and reception of meaning in contemporary America. Syms is also the founder of Dominca, an independent publishing company “dedicated to exploring blackness as a topic, reference, and marker, and audience in visual culture.”  The Hammer curators tapped Syms for a web series for this year’s exhibition: A Pilot for a Show About Nowhere, see excerpt of it on vimeo:

2) Kenneth Tam


Kenneth Tam. Still from Breakfast in Bed, 2016. Single-channel HD video, color, sound. 60 min. (approx.). Participants: Gilberto Arriaga, Ben Corley, Phillip Dickey, Bruce Dolen, Niko Flores, Spencer Freeman, Trevor Meek.

They also talked about bromance in the art world and how that sentiment could be observed in Kenneth Tam’s Breakfast in Bed 60 minute video. The video clips presented appeared to be of a group of joyous men dancing with masks and robust interpersonal contact. Investigating masculinity, unpacking bromance in a conceptual art context seems right on with the strange and intriguing video work Tam is known for.

3) Joel Holberg {you really OUGHT to click the link per Aram}


Joel Holmberg. Capabilities, 2015. Acrylic and oil on canvas. 48 × 72 in. (121.9 × 182.9 cm). Photograph by Brian Forrest.

Joel Holmberg is a fascinating artist that according to Aram used to work at a gallery across the street from LA><ART and they used to share gallery equipment and what not.  It was not until Joel returned to Los Angeles upon completing his MFA @ Yale that the two reconnected and started a dialogue which ultimately led to his inclusion in the exhibition.  Joel’s known for witty, satirical art & web projects in a variety of media and a founding member of early Internet surfing club Nasty Nets.

4) Guthrie Lonergan


Guthrie Lonergan. Built with Indexhibit, 2016. Website widget.

One of the funnier moments of the press conference was Aram talking about the infamous Microsoft clip art widget/animation “Clippy” being resurrected in a new form by Guthrie Lonergan. An omnipresent commission for the Hammer’s website for the duration of the exhibition. If you don’t know, Guthrie Lonergan is an influential internet artist whom Cory Arcangel once called “our Bruce Nauman.” and featured on the cover of a 2014 issue of Artforum.

5) Eckhaus Latta


Eckhaus Latta. SS16 Ad Campaign, 2015. Directed by Alexa Karolinski. Photo by Caleb Heller.

Convincing sign of the times, the curators have commissioned an advertising and marketing campaign by Eckhaus Latta for the biennale. The duo Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta have received much attention with their fashion label, often described as arty, avant garde, or post-gender. The RISD grads have a unique point of view that captures several of the interconnected art disciplines the curators anticipate viewers will glean throughout the exhibition.

Random)  Sterling Ruby’s Stag Tables


Sterling Ruby. TABLE 3, 2015. Steel. 37 1/2 × 72 1/8 × 55 1/4 in. (95.3 × 183.2 × 140.3 cm). Photograph by Robert Wedemeyer. Courtesy of Sterling Ruby Studio and Gagosian Gallery.

Why Sterling Ruby? Well its not exactly a Sterling Ruby artwork but the curators did mention that he hasn’t had a museum show in Los Angeles since SUPERMAX at MOCA in 2008. These tables are artifacts of LA’s manufacturing past and found objects from his massive East LA studio. Just between us, pretty sure the curators just thought these tables were cool and someone high up criticized Ruby’s “lack of institutional” presence LA in recent years.


Check out the Hammer’s MADE IN LA 2016 website for more information on the rest of the artists/projects. more info via PR below ~



The Hammer’s biennial exhibition series Made in L.A. focuses exclusively on artists from the L.A. region with an emphasis on emerging and under-recognized artists. The Los Angeles biennial debuts new installations, videos, films, sculptures, performances, and paintings commissioned specifically for the exhibition and offers insight into the current trends and practices coming out of Los Angeles, one of the most active and energetic art communities in the world. Made in L.A. began in 2012 with a second iteration in 2014, and followed the tradition of the Hammer Invitational exhibitions, which occurred every two years and included Snapshot (2001), International Paper (2003), Thing (2005), Eden’s Edge (2007), Nine Lives (2009), and All of this and nothing (2011).

Funded through the generosity of Los Angeles philanthropists and art collectors Jarl and Pamela Mohn, The Mohn Award ($100,000) and the Career Achievement Award ($25,000) will be selected by a professional jury, and the Public Recognition Award ($25,000) will be determined through a public vote. All the artists in the exhibition are eligible to receive the awards. In 2014 Alice Könitz, creator of The Los Angeles Museum of Art, received the Mohn Award; Magdalena Suarez Frimkess and Michael Frimkess received the Career Achievement Award; and Jennifer Moon received the Public Recognition Award. In 2012 Meleko Mokgosi received the Mohn Award. Jarl Mohn said, “The Hammer’s Made In L.A. biennial has quickly become known as definitive source of recognizing brilliant new emerging artists and long time under-recognized creators of innovative art. This biennial is the early forecast system for creative genius in Los Angeles.”

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