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Everything Loose Will Land at MAK


Who is the crazy guy cowering in the odd room full of origami-like boxes? It’s Jef Raskin, the guy who would go on to invent the Macintosh system ubiquitous to Apple Computers. Before that, however, he was an assistant professor at the University of California, San Diego, where he supplemented his Masters in Computer Science with assistant professorships in music and visual art as well as computer science. Oh yeah, and he invented Bloxes (the objects behind him, useful in an Ikea-like capacity for storage and decoration). His myriad accomplishments, as well as the contributions of other architects, scientists, and all-around creative handymen and handywomen, are now on view at The MAK Center for Art + Architecture, located in West Hollywood.

MAK Center for Art + Architecture is presenting this exhibition, entitled Everything Loose Will Land, in conjunction with the Getty Foundation’s Pacific Standard Time initiative Modern Architecture In L.A. The exhibition’s title comes from the mouth of Frank Lloyd Wright, who once quipped  “Tip the world over on its side and everything loose will land in Los Angeles.” Indeed, California has historically been a hotbed for invention, propelled by young thinkers with a hodgepodge of talents and a singularness for the urge to innovate (also a singularness for the urge to design functional things with a superlative of sleek form).


The MAK is a nifty little institution in West Hollywood, located within the breathtaking mid-century-style (designed ahead of its time in the early 1920s) Schindler Home on trendy Kings Rd. Everything Loose Will Land is on view from May 9th – August 4th.

Images courtesy of the Estate of Jef Raskin and the Schindler-Chase House Blog.

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