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DraftPunk at Autonomie Projects

This group show’s common thread is that of the practice of drawing as it is today – from the traditional means with pencil and ink to the more conceptual… in whatever form that may take.   Eleven artists showcase their spin on the medium, including personal faves Kiel Johnson and Bridget Beck.  I can’t wait to experience what I assume to be Dorian Wood‘s vocal contribution.  As the sole non-visual artist in the group, Wood’s voice, which has been described as channeling Nina Simone, Tom Waits and Scott Walker, will be an exciting accompaniment to the show.  Aili Schmeltz‘s Psionic Generators are of particular interest as is Jane Hugentober‘s work.   Marie Thibeault, Jason Manley, Mark DutcherRema Ghuloum, Nadege Monchera Baer and Daniela Campins round out the collective.  All strong and stunning work and an impressively curated show.

Curator Kio Griffith’s overview of the exhibition shares a fantastic factoid: “The modern pencil, tracing back to the Napoleon trenches of early 1800s, will draw a line 731 miles but several miles short of reaching the Oregon border if you begin the mark in south central L.A.”  Fascinating and fun.  I like it.  

Through August 30th

Autonomie Projects

4742 West Washington Blvd, LA, CA 90016

DraftPunk at Autonomie; image courtesy of Autonomie Projects

DraftPunk at Autonomie; image courtesy of Autonomie Projects

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