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Dear Diary: David Foox

David Foox, September 2013

David Foox, September 2013

This week we have a really amazing new Dear Diary feature to share on Art Nerd City Guides. David Foox is an artist living and working in LA, originally hailing from NY, whom I first became acquainted with on PMc Magazine’s “Who Am I.”  He graciously invited us over to his LA home last month to talk about art, magic, transcendentalism, metaphysics and his upcoming yacht exhibition during Art Basel Miami 2013.



What’s particularly interesting about his silver and gold works is that they can be “mentally charged”  by Foox or new owner in such a way to produce physical manifestations of earth elements.  The artwork’s “mental charge” relates to Foox’ ability to apply metaphysical techniques he’s acquired from Ancient Egyptian & Astronomy texts.



You might recall those great Follow Rabbit stickers from our Art Nerd Chicago launch party.  The “Follow Rabbit” is a common motif in all of Foox’s works, reminiscent of a magical guide on an ‘Alice in Wonderland-like’ journey to learn the secrets of life.


Escapism is a common theme in Foox’s work and he’s gearing up for a truly one-of-a-kind art exhibition called “Escape Art Basel.”  Curated by John Haas, Foox’s work (some featured below) will be presented ON A YACHT during Art Basel Miami Beach art fair week this December 2013!!



Escape Art Basel
Artist David Foox, ultimate independent outsider artist finds his art on a luxurious super yacht to raise money for scope art foundation and in support of the arts. “Escape” by David Foox is a series of paintings inspired by the generative or magical forces of creation stemming from our oceans and seas. Before Man walked, he swam and the great ideas of life have all emerged from the cosmic sea – the primordial sea of life. FOOX’S work is spiritual, some say magical, but all compelling.


We’re excited to share more details about this epic opening as they arise. Learn more about David Foox on


11 Responses to “Dear Diary: David Foox”
  1. Christinamarie says:

    Love the energy in David’s artwork. Neat connection to the Alice in Wonderland sense of discovery and becoming.

  2. Art Nerd Fan says:


  3. Greg Brest says:

    I am so impressed with the beauty and artwork of your work Dave. I cannot wait to see more. Not only are you a talented artist, but a deep thinker and I cannot wait to discuss metaphysics and life with you in general. I have a feeling you’re not just an artist but a teacher of life. Thank you for inspiring me.
    Greg Brest

  4. Marianne Audrey Burrows says:

    I love the mention of escapism. Used to be a password of mine. Looks like more super appealing work from Fooxie. How fantastic a bunch of his art on a boat during Art Basel? It’s a perfect story in the making.

  5. N3RD says:

    Foox is next level. Much love

  6. MGsoulcraft says:

    Follow the Rabbit…Follow the Foox…I’d follow the Foox anywhere. The Art Basel show in Miami sounds great.

  7. monica says:

    David has always been inspirational to me. I was very proud to be involved with his show at the adidas Originals store in Dallas a few years ago. I enjoy seeing his creations! I love his Organ Donor line. I can’t wait to see what comes next!

  8. Nathan Shomer says:

    This article emanates the true essence of Mr. Foox …something that is both quite potent and exceptionally unique.

    After reading this article, I feel compelled to take a day trip down a rabbit hole with Foox and the rabbit, and get lost in a discussion about “mental charge” in ancient Egypt.

  9. Sean Michael says:

    Love Foox’s work ! channels and transports !

  10. Therese Ribant says:

    I’m always more and more blown away with each new piece of art that Foox makes. Somehow he keeps topping himself. Talk about inspiration.

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