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This is the second installment of ArtNerd LA’s exclusive Q&As with the masterminds of BEYOND EDEN, a multi-gallery event celebrating the new contemporary art scene in Los Angeles!  The event is this weekend Oct 12th & 13th at the LA Municipal Art Gallery at Barnsdall Park 4800 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90027 – more info 

Gary Pressman and Erika Miller via Hi Fructose

Lauren Albrecht (LA): Tell us a little bit about yourself, gallery and what you are working on?

Gary Pressman (GP):  Director of Copro Gallery. Along with my girlfriend Erica Miller we do just about everything and are very hands on with every aspect of the gallery. From picking the artists, designing the ads and postcards and installing the artwork we’re involved every step of the way. We have been very busy with Beyond Eden this year since Andrew has given us the large middle space to fill. We’re using it to do an actual art opening with Chet Zar & Nikko Hurtado so its a very important event for us. I love the space at Barnsdall so its a real opportunity!


LA:  What is Copro Gallery’s mission, curatorial perspective, and what kind of art moves you?

GP: Copro Gallery’s mission is to create great art exhibits whether they are at the gallery, art fair or curated elsewhere. We have a lot of involvement with museum shows and events such as Beyond Eden so creating a beautiful show is the most important mission for us. Personally I love surrealism and interesting figurative fine art so I always try and show work that I love.


LA: What is your favorite part of the Beyond Eden event?

GP: The best part of Beyond Eden is that several galleries collaborate together for a local event. There’s a lot of competition and rivalry but for Beyond Eden everyone gets along and works together and so far every year it’s been great and without problems!


LA:  What are you most excited to present at Beyond Eden 2013?

GP: Both Chet’s Zar’s “Ego Death” show and Nikko Hurtado’s “Renati” are very exciting important shows for us and I can’t wait to see the work hanging on the walls of the museum. We also have huge painting by Adam Miller and one from Dan Quintana that will look great in the space which makes everything look incredible!


LA: What are you excited to see at Beyond Eden 2013?

GP:  I’m very anxious to see Shepard Fairey’s installation.

Shepard Fairey 2010 De La Barracuda on Melrose via

LA: What is one must-see art show or installation on view in LA now?

The “Risqué” show in Long Beach is awesome and I definitely recommend it!

“Risqué {dirty little pictures}” @ Long Beach Museum of Art via

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