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This is the third installment of ArtNerd LA’s exclusive Q&A with the masterminds of BEYOND EDEN, a multi-gallery event celebrating the new contemporary art scene in Los Angeles!  The event opens tomorrow ~ Oct 12th & 13th at the LA Municipal Art Gallery at Barnsdall Park ~ 4800 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90027 ~ 

Lauren Albrecht (LA): Tell us a little bit about yourself, gallery and what you are working on?

Tanya Patsaouras (TP): The Center for Audio and Visual Expression, known as C.A.V.E. Gallery, was first conceived in 2001 as a series of traveling art events showcasing visual art, film and music. Fueled by the fresh, new art scene exploding in Los Angeles, C.A.V.E. established a permanent gallery space in 2008 in Venice Beach, California.


LA:  What is C.A.V.E. Gallery’s mission, curatorial perspective, and what kind of art moves you?

TP: C.A.V.E. Gallery is committed to introducing and supporting cutting-edge art that is engaging. The gallery presents a new exhibition each month that features a select roster of emerging artists who are ambitious about challenging creative styles and techniques, focus on creating bold work that is skillfully executed with attention to content and detail, and who express a thought provoking perspective on contemporary urban culture.

CAVE_VINZ_Cruel with venus

LA: What is your favorite part of the Beyond Eden event?

TP: Beyond Eden has a unique energy where everyone is welcome into a growing community that revolves around the important influence art has in our lives. It is a celebration of this creative spirit and an event that inspires people to become active participants in fostering the arts.


LA:  What are you most excited to present at Beyond Eden 2013?

TP: We are fortunate to be in Los Angeles at this time in art history – a city that always embraces and seeks out progressive ideas. Although LA is a center for New Contemporary Art, the movement is now spreading globally. Fresh styles are emerging out of all corners of the world – so we are excited to bring a few international artists into the mix like: VINZ from Spain, Tom French and FinDAC from the UK, Vesod from Italy, Morten Andersen from Denmark, and L7m from Brazil.

CAVE_YChun_Good Bye Blue Monday

LA: What else are you excited to see at Beyond Eden 2013?

TP: One of the most interesting and important events of Beyond Eden is the acknowledgement of an influential figure in paving the way for why this art event is taking place. We are excited that Greg Escalante will be honored – his vision and passion has been inspiration to us all.


LA: What is one must-see art show or installation on view in LA now?

TP: Watching the rapid transformation of the new Broad Museum has been exciting. We are happy to hear that it will have free admission – and so will the Hammer Museum in 2014 – another great step for LA to establish itself as a center for contemporary art!


TP: Big thanks to Andrew Hosner for his non-stop, hard work in organizing and putting on this unique event – and for his continued dedication to increasing awareness and exposure to the new contemporary art movement! This year’s Beyond Eden is going to be epic!

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