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This week we have a special ‘on the inside tip’ treat for all of you artnerds in LA! Everyday we have an exclusive Q&A (+ PREVIEW IMAGES!) with the masterminds behind BEYOND EDEN, a multi-gallery event celebrating the new contemporary art scene in Los Angeles!  The event is this weekend Oct 12th & 13th at the LA Municipal Art Gallery at Barnsdall Park 4800 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90027 – more info 

Andrew Hosner, Shawn Hosner and L. Croskey via HiFructose Magazine

INTERVIEW WITH ANDREW HOSNER – Thinkspace curator/co-owner + BEYOND EDEN organizer/curator

Lauren Albrecht (LA): Tell us a little bit about yourself, gallery and what you are working on?

Andrew Hosner (AH): My name is Andrew Hosner and I’m the curator and one of the co-owners of Thinkspace Gallery located in the Culver City Arts District, I also helped to start BEYOND EDEN and am now the main organizer and curator of events/galleries. Next year Thinkspace will be celebrating our 10 Year Anniversary. It’s really kind of crazy to look back on it all. We’ve curated well over 200 exhibitions to date and feel we are just getting started. My wife and I collect art with a passion and love interacting with our patrons and the artists we work to support. We’ll be taking our show on the road to Honolulu, Berlin, San Francisco and Miami next year – get ready!


Horkey, ODIR

LA:  What is Thinkspace’s mission, curatorial perspective, and what kind of art moves you?

AH: Thinkspace was established with the goal of always pushing forward and helping to introduce young and emerging art. We are dedicated to the exposure of the movement as a whole and the artists we exist to support. The New Contemporary movement is young, but gaining insane momentum the world over, and our aim is to establish a curatorial forum and a patron base to help provide it a foundation so that all can continue to build and spread. We love to take risks, trust our eye and know that those we work with are inspiring new generations of talent to create. We intend to be around for year’s to come and are passionate about those we work with and helping to make their dreams become a reality.

NoseGo, Collective The Wild, 18x24

NoseGo, Collective The Wild, 18×24

LA: What is your favorite part of the Beyond Eden event?

AH: The community of it all. It’s great to work with like-minded galleries that really “get it”. Ones that realize that working together, and not against one another, is the way to move this movement forward. All partaking this year and that have in the past are known for helping to bring new talent to the forefront. To have so much amazing talent together under one roof, and multiple galleries all working in tandem for the same end goal, is a really inspiring thing.

Brian Mashburn, Give Me A Home, 2012,

Brian Mashburn, Give Me A Home, 2012

LA:  What are you most excited to present at Beyond Eden 2013?

AH: Thinkspace ‘Wild At Heart II’ exhibition continues our collaboration with Born Free USA helping to bring awareness to the world’s endangered species and there are some simply stunning contributions this year for the show. Would be hard to single out one, but pretty stoked to debut the work of The Low Bros from Berlin, Germany and jazzed that all three characters from their “Death Sharks” series will be on view that were just featured in Juxtapoz Magazine. We’re also pretty stoked to be able to give Birdman an opportunity to showcase his photography and give him the chance to curate a show of artists that have murals in LA that he’s helped to document and capture for the ages.

LowBros, Nemo

LowBros, Nemo

LA: What are you excited to see at Beyond Eden 2013?

AH: Chet Zar’s ‘Ego Death’ solo show and retrospective being presented by Copro Gallery – also excited to see the new works from Erik Jones that Spoke Art will be exhibiting.

Camilla dEerrico, Beekeeper

Camilla dEerrico, Beekeeper

LA: What is one must-see art show or installation on view in LA now?

AH: Well, after you go see BEYOND EDEN this coming weekend, I’d suggest getting out to the James Turell retrospective at the LACMA. Really something else to be inside his environments. If you are up for a road trip, the ‘Risque’ show down at the Long Beach Museum Of Art is well worth the trip. Looking ahead, the LA Art Show is right around the corner (Jan. 15th-19th) and this year we’ll be taking part for the 1st time, by far the biggest art event each year here in LA.


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