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ArtNerds x Comedians + Shepard Fairey on WTF Podcast

Well friends, its a fact. This art nerd has a crush on a comedian (words I never thought I would type!). I blame IFC because lately that channel has done an amazing job curating its comedic programming from Portlandia to Maron. These shows tap into a niche market cultural zeitgeist that prominently features everything the “young, hip set” likes nowadays from urban farming, jesus chickens, craft cocktails, 90s dreams, & skittish cats. Watch – its #epic.

Anyways, I watched Maron S1 and thought it was cool then at some point followed him on twitter and noticed he was doing a couple shows locally at the Trephany House Theatre in late April.

Maron at Trephany House

Maron at Trephany House

I bought tickets, then forgot I had two tickets, no date, went solo, had an amazing time and took this #selfie with him. Something must be wrong with me because I was totally tongue-tied when I got this photo. Apparently all his deep confessional self-depreicating banter x cat stories x time warner customer service hell really does it for me…

Maron x #ArtnerdLA #Selfie

Maron x #ArtnerdLA #Selfie

THEN our friend Rico of Dinner Party Download put out an open call asking for Dinner Etiquette questions for Marc!  I couldn’t resist, so knowing what I know I asked Rico to ask Marc about his cats in a dinner setting.  Apparently, Marc’s cats are very polite and get their own chicken dinners.  My cats also get their own roasted chicken but meow incesantly.  Listen to piece and see how little they care about my plight.


Anyways ~ what I learned today is that Marc Maron is into ART because apparently his mother painted and took him to art museums as a kid!  Listen to today’s podcast featuring Shepard Fairey because there is an interesting dialogue between these two, both artnerdy and zeitgeisty, their discussion about pop art including the Warhol, Koons, Hirst trifecta is thoughtful and illuminating.



PS. Dear Marc, if you are reading this hi! I’d love to help facilitate you getting in some more museum time with a VIP Art Nerd LA tour of the Hammer or MOCA or even the Getty.  Also would love to be on the WTF Podcast someday so tweet me @laurenmalbrecht 

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