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Artist Jon Burgerman Shot In the NYC Subway

Jon Burgerman is brilliant- from his doodles to his epic murals, his songs about soya and his entertainingly educational talks. I also love his sense of humor. This is the most creative thing I’ve seen done with subway posters in a long time (sorry drawing a mustache just doesn’t do it for me). LOVE these!

headshot-jonburgerman-06_660_495 headshot-jonburgerman-05_660_495 headshot-jonburgerman-04_660_495 headshot-jonburgerman-02_660_495 headshot-jonburgerman-01_660_490 headshot-jonburgerman-03_660_495

An ongoing series of interventions staged in public against the backdrop of advertising panels.

The performances are photographed, digitially added to and then documented and shared online.

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