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Artist CRYPTIK To Paint Andy Warhol Mural in Hollywood in collaboration with Photographer Karen Bystedt and artist Nick Flatt!

WHO: CRYPTIK  Karen Bystedt  Nick Flatt via Branded Arts 

WHAT: A VIP reception hosted by Karen Bystedt and Branded Arts for the unveiling of the Collaboration Mural of Andy Warhol.

WHEN: Saturday, January 25th, 2014 4pm – 7pm

WHERE: The Box Depot, 119 N. Fairfax Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90036



The CRYPTIK Movement is a public art campaign dedicated to helping humanity evolve towards greater awareness and understanding through the use of compelling, iconic imagery that demands both scrutiny and reverie. The purpose of this organization is to facilitate and develop a deeper, more meaningful philosophy on life. Our main objective is to challenge people to think of other possibilities and to see a different reality; one that encompasses many ideologies, philosophies, and belief systems in order to help us better understand our place in the universe. The organization is entirely free of any religious or political agendas and, therefore, serves only to provoke wonder and inspire thought. The goal of this organization is to serve as a catalyst for a change in consciousness on a global scale. At this very critical juncture in human history, either we evolve or DIE!! Join the Movement! The “Great Awakening” is upon us.


Karen Bystedt rocked the contemporary art world with the USA introduction of The Lost Warhols, at Photo LA, 2013. The body of work was quickly selected to headline the Month of Photography in Los Angles Show, at The Robert Berman Gallery in Bergmont Station. In an April, Fabrik Magazine, cover story, Berman characterized Bystedt’s Andy Warhol show as, “an austere and powerful look at one of the most celebrated artists of the Twentieth century.”

After studying photography and literature at the American College in Paris, the young artist returned to the United States and earned a Bachelors of Arts degree in Film, at New York University, in 1982. It was while she was a student in New York, that she photographed Warhol at The Factory. Karen Bystedt has lived and worked on four continents which has left her multilingual and culturally at ease at navigating through a diverse cacophony of international cultures.

Bystedt moved firmly into photographing celebrity movie stars, when they were young and unknown. She has written the narratives and interviews that accompany the four books of glamour shots she has published; NOT JUST ANOTHER PRETTY FACE (1983), THE NEW BREED (1988), BEFORE THEY WERE FAMOUS (1992) and, THEY DARED TO DREAM (2009).

Karen Bystedt’s artistic strength is her ability to establish an intimate trust with those shoots, she engages them on-camera and then makes them look beautiful – a skill well honed on Warhol – and one the photographer used throughout her career. Her strong images of iconic men brands them as totemic markers of their times.

Collaborations with other artists include Peter Tunney, Speedy Graphito and Tonia Calderon. Her work is the permanent collections of The Andy Warhol Museum, The Hearst Foundation, Prince Albert of Monaco, and Tomasso Buti, among others. The artist-photographer currently resides in Venice, California.

Represented By: Lawrence Cantor Fine Art


Texas-born Nick Flatt is known for his large scale photorealistic black and white portraits, often with provocative themes gleaned from titles like Blow Me, Pussy Fingers, and Nip Slip. Through the use of models who physically resemble the prototype of those commonly used in mainstream advertising, Flatt whets the viewer’s unconscious appetite for consumption. However, their extreme lascivious gestures distort our desire to the point of discomfort. By exposing the cheap trigger employed by these glossy glamazons, Flatt invites us to be repulsed by their honest unmasking.


Branded Arts curates art exhibition openings by featuring some of the most prolific artists of our time alongside never before seen work from some of LA’s rising stars. Branded Arts stages art-driven events that fuse visual art with music, fashion and entertainment, creating a platform that showcases emerging talent from around the world.

Over the last 4 years, Branded Arts has produced and curated several large-scale art exhibitions along with over 70 public mural projects around Los Angeles. The “Branded Arts Building” at 8810 Washington Blvd. in Culver City is their most renowned project, which had the recent honor of being written up in the LA Times.

Going forward, we would like to commission famous artists to paint public murals at local properties, developments, youth centers, recreation centers, and schools. Our aim is to send an inspirational message with these art projects, give people a creative outlet, and to always display positive imagery. With public school budget cutbacks significantly impacting art programs around the country, we feel that it is up to independent organizations like Branded Arts to help facilitate and introduce art to young people.


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