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Glitter on Glitter

Over at the Affordable Art Fair, yeah I know I’ve been relentlessly posting about it but hey it’s where the art is, Maison 24 is showing paintings by Camomile Hixon.  But these aren’t just your average paintings, they are paintings made with obscene amounts of glitter!!


To be honest, I didn’t really want to like these, but to be even more brutally honest, I totally do!  At first glance when you pass the booth of Allison Julius and Louis Marra, who’ve brought their art all the way from Park Avenue (that’s New York’s park Avenue) you’ll see large, IN YOUR FACE, glitter bombs that read YES, FREE, DESIRE, and PORTAL.  And also a Union Jack.

Hixon knows how to get your attention, and it is apparent that she also knows what sells.  For first time art buyers text and glitter are a perfect combo, make a statement and make it with some impact.  But her work is more than just spectacle.  It’s your soul sending you a strong message in the form of metallic dust infused with powerful iconography.  Also the dog tags read Glitter on Glitter!

Word is that there are some glitter unicorns in the near future for Hixon, yeah Bronie!!

















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