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Seeking New Best Friend

I’m putting out the call for a new best friend, a bestie, a partner in crime.  How do you apply?  Well you’re going to want to head down to the Affordable Art Fair and visit Blindfold Gallery where there is an enormous painting by Seattle artist Kimberly Trowbridge that is essentially going to become your half of our friendship necklace, metaphorically speaking.

Yesterday as I was perusing the fair offerings, which are vast in medium, scale, and cost, I came across a work that I just had to have.  The work was in the booth of Blindfold Gallery, a Capitol Hill space that has been putting together some stellar shows for the last couple of years.  The piece that really catches your eye when you find the booth will be Kimberly Trowbridge’s Tantrum, a rather large abstract oil on canvas painting measuring 60×64 inches, a real statement work!

However, due to the limitations of my studio apartment, I felt that acquiring such a massive painting might not be practical.  But low and behold, the painting hanging next to Tantrum was just the right fit!  Titled Storyboard, this much smaller oil on muslin painting not only features an original painting of the painting that I so desperately want, but it also has a bunch of faux text that from a distance makes the work appear to be a page out of an art history book.

Storyboard references the much bigger work Tantrum, a painting that was the focus of a recent solo show at Blindfold Gallery where it occupied an altar-like position.  There were many paintings similar to Storyboard that filled the other rooms of the gallery, from a distance these works appeared as didactic aids in understanding the content of the show.  I am happy to be taking home a piece of that show, although it isn’t the statement piece, it will remind me of the show and of the exquisite work of the artist.

Tantrum is still available and looking for a good home.  When you decide to make it yours just drop me a line and we can become best friends!!

Tantrum: Oil on Canvas, 64 x 60", 2013

Tantrum: Oil on Canvas, 64 x 60″, 2013

Isn’t it great!  And here is my newest art acquisition.


The fair runs today, tomorrow and Sunday at Seattle Center’s exhibition space.  Say hi to the nice folks at Blindfold Gallery for me!

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