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Dear Diary: Robert Yoder

Robert Yoder is a visual artist and gallery owner living in Seattle. I first met him when he was launching “The Louder the Sun” at  the former Empty Space theater  in the Fremont neighborhood. I was attracted to the DIY sensibility that Yoder described, not only in the presentation of the show but in the delivery of its featured work and accompanying materials. Yoder’s tactics are a direct reflection of the the punk movement:  Don’t see something? Start something. Make it happen. Make it yours.

Robert Yoder continues this tradition today with his in-home gallery, SEASON. Yoder’s aesthetic is tight. Like his own work, the continuity of the artists he represents carries a strong thread of aesthetic sophistication, conceptual ideas, and laborious process. They feel like art you can sink your teeth into; smart and sharp, like Robert himself. While the gallery may be in his home, it is among the more nationally visible galleries in the PNW – Yoder takes his roster to various art fairs across the country. And locally, SEASON  is often guested in other gallery spaces such as Platform and Prole Drift as part of a quickly changing landscape of gallery partnership and presentation.

What follows is a day in the life of Yoder’s experience as both artist and curator:


I make lots of notes and just pile them up for the next day, eventually things get done. 


Love to see this busted bike rack when I walk to the university.


This shit cracks me up. And it’s on every other corner.


Today’s playlist: Ritualz, Scythe and some old Siouxsie.


Dawn Cerny’s solo show BOYS, JOKES AND THINGS at SEASON is going well . She pushed her ideas hard on this show AND had a baby a month before the opening.


They do, ‘nuf said.


JD Banke has a show opening in December. I’ve been dragging my feet on writing the PR for it, but the title is set: PRETTY LITTER. Once again Prole Drift is letting me use their gallery space while they’re in Miami. Galleries are doing things differently, I like it.


I have three shows of my own work at the beginning of 2014 so I need to make some decisions about who gets what. First up: Platform Gallery in January


After that, overlapping shows at Frosch & Portmann and Planthouse in NYC.


Hell no, this orange will not survive after it dries. Just need the base coat.


Sometimes you don’t even have to make the paintings, they just turn up. I will steal this image soon enough.


This was on my bus. Cutter font has been important for the text in my paintings. Something to do with teenage depression, drug rattled goths and Zzzzzz.


Joel Romeo stopped by and drew my picture. (I don’t think my nose looks like that but the rest is pretty spot on.) Check his tumblr.

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