Art Nerd City Guides: New York · Los Angeles

Apples and Poetry: Shin Yu Pai’s HEIRLOOM

Their names, mouthfuls of consonants and vowels, summon colors, the elevated stations of royalty, animals, and distant places: Arctic, Astrakhan, Belmont, Bietigheimer, Dolgo Crabapple, Dutch Mignonne, Dutchess of Oldenberg, Early Harvest, Esopus Spitzenberg, Golden Russett, Gravenstein, Hawkeye, King, Lubsk Queen, Northern Spy, Rhode Island Greening, Roxbury Russett, Swaar, Tolman […]

Media and the Fair

Brenna Murphy

The much-anticipated, wildly hyped Seattle Art Fair blasted by like a comet. Pro tip: the next time you find yourself at an art fair, wear tennis shoes, or at least […]

Among the Clouds at Goldfinch Tavern

For any art lover in Seattle the Four Seasons has long been a hidden gem. It’s renowned for its art-filled lobby where the Northwest School is on constant display thanks to […]

Seeing Serial: David Beckley at Gallery 110

I loved artist David Beckley’s Drone from the first moment I saw it on my computer screen several weeks ago. Its crisp contrast, its serialization and symmetry that transformed before my eyes […]

A New Art Installation Docks Along the Duwamish

Briar Bates is a landscape designer and artist who creates installations from organic materials. Tomorrow, she’ll be working on a new piece, Growing to Sea, at Terminal 107 Park (4700 W. Marginal Way […]

Keyes on Keyes

When I sat down to write First Thursday art walk recommendations in early February I quickly passed over Doug Keyes’ work without giving it a second thought. It wasn’t until […]

Dance to the Death: Ethan Folk’s Vernae

Due out this spring is an experimental dance filmed based on a ballet about pagan Russian rituals that I can assure you will be more creative, compelling, and more intense than anything else coming out […]

Through the Looking Glass, or Ten from 2014

When We Get There

Work that emerges in mysterious ways; work that’s going to piss some people off, gross some people out, convolute the issue, or all of the above. Definitely work that’s trend-damning;  […]

In the Land of Head Hunters

With the photographs of Edward S. Curtis, you’re never quite sure where fact ends and fiction begins. Curtis’s magnum opus, The North American Indian, published between 1907 and 1930 and funded […]

Order and Entropy: LILIENTHAL|ZAMORA at Suyama Space

At Suyama Space, the ordered black tubes at the top and bottom of LILIENTHAL|ZAMORA’s current installation, Never Finished, give way in the middle to something explosive. There, at the center, tubes […]