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Bainbridge Island En Plein Air

The three days of my landscape workshop landed in an overcast, rainy pocket of weather amid an unusually dry summer in the Pacific NW. Because of this, my group of eleven students and I set-up our easels underneath the shelter overlooking the Japanese Zen gardens. The even, overcast lighting for much of the day was a perfect opportunity to view subtle differences in hue, especially the greens, without the high contrast of light and dark to obscure them.

Tucked discretely away on Bainbridge Island’s west side near the Agate Passage crossing, the Bloedel Reserve is a paradise of lush meticulously groomed gardens and swaths of forested land that […]

Among the Clouds at Goldfinch Tavern

The artist with her Nuvole and a Goldfinch cocktail.

For any art lover in Seattle the Four Seasons has long been a hidden gem. It’s renowned for its art-filled lobby where the Northwest School is on constant display thanks to […]

Keyes on Keyes

Keyes on Keyes

When I sat down to write First Thursday art walk recommendations in early February I quickly passed over Doug Keyes’ work without giving it a second thought. It wasn’t until […]

Dance to the Death: Ethan Folk’s Vernae


Due out this spring is an experimental dance filmed based on a ballet about pagan Russian rituals that I can assure you will be more creative, compelling, and more intense than anything else coming out […]

Moments from BAM Biennial 2014: Knock on Wood


A cold, drizzly evening didn’t keep the art-loving masses from attending the opening of Bellevue Arts Museum’s Biennial, Knock on Wood, last Thursday. The exhibit showcases several Pacific Northwest artists’ […]

Mad Campus: An Outdoor Installation Adventure

cover photo

Need your art fix but don’t want to confine yourself to the dimly lit halls of a museum on this beautiful fall day? Is merely looking at art not enough […]

AMDEF- Rowdy, Raw, and Highly Recommended


It’s that time of year again when AMDEF pulls out all of the stops and shoves spectacle forcefully down the throats of a willing audience.  A bit brash, but it starts […]

How to Fill Two Shelves


Joe Rudko and Kelly Bjork live in a charming classic brick apartment building a few blocks off of Broadway Avenue on Capitol Hill in Seattle.  The floors of their apartment are scuffed […]

Art Nerd’s Guide to the Ultimate Objet d’Art


Decorative arts are back! If you need proof, just head to the Seattle Asian Art Museum where a dazzling array of Japanese Deco objects will remind you how nice it […]

Be My Wife ; Dylan Neuwirth’s White Hot Proposal


  Word just got out via social media outlets that Post Human Contemporary Artist Dylan Neuwirth has recently gotten engaged to long-time girlfriend and Tuesday Scarves proprietor Rian Robison.  The […]