Art Nerd City Guides: New York · Los Angeles

Media and the Fair

Brenna Murphy

The much-anticipated, wildly hyped Seattle Art Fair blasted by like a comet. Pro tip: the next time you find yourself at an art fair, wear tennis shoes, or at least […]

Reality Check: Rodrigo Valenzuela and Ghosts, Monuments, Labor & Time

Hedonic Reversal #3

I’m walking through an unnamed zone between Belltown and South Lake Union, a tabula rasa. Somewhere skirting the edge of Denny Way, the sidewalk’s closed ahead, so I’m standing in […]

Nursing, Grieving, Memorializing, Decaying: The Many Theres of the Photo Center NW’s Terminal

Dead Animals #79, Nevada, 1987 featured

“Permanence,” Susan Sontag writes in her essay  “An Argument about Beauty,” “…is not one of beauty’s more obvious attributes; and the contemplation of beauty, when it is expert, may be […]

Seeing Pink: Richard Mosse at the Portland Art Museum

Installation view of Richard Mosse's The Enclave.

Irish photographer Richard Mosse, who now bases his practice in New York, has made images about illegal immigration along the U.S.-Mexican border. He’s photographed airplane reck simulators and the remains […]

Through the Looking Glass, or Ten from 2014

When We Get There

Work that emerges in mysterious ways; work that’s going to piss some people off, gross some people out, convolute the issue, or all of the above. Definitely work that’s trend-damning;  […]

Mad Campus: An Outdoor Installation Adventure

cover photo

Need your art fix but don’t want to confine yourself to the dimly lit halls of a museum on this beautiful fall day? Is merely looking at art not enough […]

Poetics of Witness: Ann Hamilton and the common S E N S E

Ann Hamilton 'the common S E N S E'

Opening day. I’m sitting on a low wooden stool in the middle of the gallery. Certain sounds have always triggered me into near-hypnotic states, and I find myself involuntarily going […]

AMDEF- Rowdy, Raw, and Highly Recommended


It’s that time of year again when AMDEF pulls out all of the stops and shoves spectacle forcefully down the throats of a willing audience.  A bit brash, but it starts […]

Copious Consumption and Assholes

photo 5

As I write this I am listening to Jay-Z’s Picasso Baby and have been googling all sorts of performance references from articles written by CityArts’ Amanda Manitach and The Stranger’s […]

ReMixed at the Seattle Art Museum Again


Only 3 weeks late, but here are some of the sights from the last Seattle Art Museum Remix.  Photographs by Amy Salowitz.   Amy Salowitz is a photographer and educator. […]