Art Nerd City Guides: New York · Los Angeles

Media and the Fair

Brenna Murphy

The much-anticipated, wildly hyped Seattle Art Fair blasted by like a comet. Pro tip: the next time you find yourself at an art fair, wear tennis shoes, or at least […]

Reality Check: Rodrigo Valenzuela and Ghosts, Monuments, Labor & Time

Hedonic Reversal #3

I’m walking through an unnamed zone between Belltown and South Lake Union, a tabula rasa. Somewhere skirting the edge of Denny Way, the sidewalk’s closed ahead, so I’m standing in […]

Nursing, Grieving, Memorializing, Decaying: The Many Theres of the Photo Center NW’s Terminal

“Permanence,” Susan Sontag writes in her essay  “An Argument about Beauty,” “…is not one of beauty’s more obvious attributes; and the contemplation of beauty, when it is expert, may be […]

Seeing Pink: Richard Mosse at the Portland Art Museum

Irish photographer Richard Mosse, who now bases his practice in New York, has made images about illegal immigration along the U.S.-Mexican border. He’s photographed airplane reck simulators and the remains […]

Through the Looking Glass, or Ten from 2014

When We Get There

Work that emerges in mysterious ways; work that’s going to piss some people off, gross some people out, convolute the issue, or all of the above. Definitely work that’s trend-damning;  […]

Mad Campus: An Outdoor Installation Adventure

Need your art fix but don’t want to confine yourself to the dimly lit halls of a museum on this beautiful fall day? Is merely looking at art not enough […]

Poetics of Witness: Ann Hamilton and the common S E N S E

Ann Hamilton 'the common S E N S E'

Opening day. I’m sitting on a low wooden stool in the middle of the gallery. Certain sounds have always triggered me into near-hypnotic states, and I find myself involuntarily going […]

AMDEF- Rowdy, Raw, and Highly Recommended

It’s that time of year again when AMDEF pulls out all of the stops and shoves spectacle forcefully down the throats of a willing audience.  A bit brash, but it starts […]

Copious Consumption and Assholes

As I write this I am listening to Jay-Z’s Picasso Baby and have been googling all sorts of performance references from articles written by CityArts’ Amanda Manitach and The Stranger’s […]

ReMixed at the Seattle Art Museum Again

Only 3 weeks late, but here are some of the sights from the last Seattle Art Museum Remix.  Photographs by Amy Salowitz.   Amy Salowitz is a photographer and educator. […]