Art Nerd City Guides: New York · Los Angeles

On Light: Megumi Shauna Arai on Violet Strays

If you’ve never taken a look at the online exhibition site Violet Strays, curated by Serrah Russell and Alyssa Volpigno, now is the time. Through this Thursday, March 26, Violet Strays is […]

Measurable Woman

Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, c. 1490, stands facing forward. In one position, his extended fingers and feet touch points along the circumference of a circle. In the second position, his […]

Curate the Frye’s Founding Collection

There’s just one day left – today, until 11:59 pm! – to vote for the paintings you’d like to see at the Frye Art Museum this fall. The Frye has […]

Dear Diary: Olivia Knapp

If you weren’t out art walking on Capitol Hill last night then it is likely that you missed some of the most spectacular drawings that I’ve ever laid eyes on. […]

Copious Consumption and Assholes

As I write this I am listening to Jay-Z’s Picasso Baby and have been googling all sorts of performance references from articles written by CityArts’ Amanda Manitach and The Stranger’s […]

Art Nerd’s Guide to the Ultimate Objet d’Art

Decorative arts are back! If you need proof, just head to the Seattle Asian Art Museum where a dazzling array of Japanese Deco objects will remind you how nice it […]

Prints from Jim Dine – A Swan Song for the Wright Exhibition Space

The first time I set foot in the Seattle Art Museum, in the fall of 2008, I came upon Jim Dine’s Window with Ax and Objects. The sculpture was mounted […]

A Return to the Decorative Arts at Traver

It’s about time that the decorative arts make a comeback, pushing aside the stark minimalism in object design that has long prevailed in our region of the world.  I’ve noticed […]

Be My Wife ; Dylan Neuwirth’s White Hot Proposal

  Word just got out via social media outlets that Post Human Contemporary Artist Dylan Neuwirth has recently gotten engaged to long-time girlfriend and Tuesday Scarves proprietor Rian Robison.  The […]

No Backpacks Allowed. Many Thanks- Suyama Space

I’ve always been perplexed with the number of backpack wearing citizens that Seattle seems to have.  I constantly wonder how these people could possibly need so many things over the […]