Art Nerd City Guides: New York · Los Angeles

Art Nerd’s Guide to the Ultimate Objet d’Art

Decorative arts are back! If you need proof, just head to the Seattle Asian Art Museum where a dazzling array of Japanese Deco objects will remind you how nice it […]

Julie Alpert’s Look-alikes @ SOIL

As an outspoken advocate for patterns, nothing could be more my speed than a Julie Alpert installation.  Currently splashed across the back room walls at SOIL Gallery, or at least […]

Bombsheller Lets You Wear More Art

Patterns are in right now, but then again, they’re always in when it comes to being bold. Here’s a story about personal style and identity.  Oh, and art. It all […]

The Return of #GOERS

It’s been a minute since I sat down and wrote out EVERYTHING that is going on in arts for the upcoming week, but if any week warranted it, then this […]

Hey Sports Fans, Buy Some Art.

This work is brought to you by the artist trio of SuttonBeresCuller and can be yours to tie together your Man Cave for the BIG GAME.  This non-editioned work is […]

Peruvian Doughnuts

I’ve got one word for you Art Nerds.  It’s a Spanish word, so get out your dictionaries.  Alright, the one word that you need to know is Picarones.  PICARONES!! After […]

Scout Bandanas

Better late than never, but there is a pop-up shop going down at the base of the Harbor Steps downtown that you should know about.  All month long, as it […]

Art Fair TODAY!

Stop whatever you are doing and head to Vermillion Art Gallery and Bar NOW (well actually between 1 and 4pm)!  Why?  Well you deserve a drink of course.  But also […]

Screen Style at NW Film Forum

In its second year, Screen Style, which is this very weekend, has invited some special guests to screen their favorite movies relating to style.  Style in the fashion sense, or […]

Old-Timey Photography

Some say photography has changed with the invention of digital cameras.  Yeah I believe that.  But I would also say that digital has spurred a whole generation of artists to […]