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Beach House, After Winter

An addendum to an Art Nerd post from last year on an installation by David W. Simpson:

At the entrance to Beach House.

At the entrance to Beach House, now in Lake Union Park.

Simpson’s Beach House didn’t come down in September after all. Instead, it moved north from downtown to the southwest corner of Lake Union Park. Some of the scavenged sticks inside have become host to green blooms of growth. But what’s most striking is how winter rains have marked the structure’s exterior and interior and how the blue of the cyanotype prints on the inside walls has given way to a yellow-brown in the mild fall and winter sun. The installation, in that way, continues to wear its age. Its materials make visible its memories of time, water, and light.



You can find Beach House just north of where Westlake Avenue and Valley Street meet in South Lake Union.

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