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No Window Shopping residency hits SF

Roving curatorial platform No Window Shopping has migrated to SF for a three month residency art carefully curated art programming by André Smith. Each rendition asks emerging artists to respond to local issues and current events. Take it in for yourself at the opening reception. RSVP here.

No Window Shopping San Francisco (original art by Nina -Mobb Pink- Wright)

No Window Shopping®. San Francisco

December 2015 – February 2016

Opening Reception: Friday, December 18th at 6 p.m.

Location: Coffee Mission at 3325 24th St. & Osage Alley in The Mission

Having completed a successful five month appearance in Brooklyn, André Smith’s sartorial survey expands its scope and explores the social issues affecting key cities across the country and soon, around the world.

Featuring emerging artists from the Bay area, No Window Shopping®. San Francisco sets out to highlight current events and local affairs including: income inequality, functional obsolescence of SFMTA, The Ellis Act, “no fault evictions,” the state and affect of SRO’s, “tech” as the enemy, the “gated community” factor and the price of the progress that is moving San Francisco forward.

 The group show will include works by Nina “Mobb Pink” Wright; Stacy Rivet, better known as Analog Monsters; Arrington West; Vanessa “DJ Agana” Espinoza of Few & Far Women; Michael A. Covington; and Fernando Garcia. In addition to the group show–artist talks, panel discussions, and sponsored events will be physically held at Coffee Mission, with live stream available for select events.

But as far as what No Window Shopping means to its curator and founder, André Smith —” it’s a reference for things we cannot afford to ignore. The social issues change depending on where the residency goes, but the fact remains that these issues and their global ramifications affect us all.” Following this west coast appearance, No Window Shopping®. will be making appearances in Glasgow, Brussels and Madrid in 2016.

About The Residency:

In the spirit of participatory journalism, No Window Shopping is a traveling art residency serving as visual response to local affairs, current events and timely topics. We collect and highlight timely and topical works from emerging artists that address larger social issues in a host of cities from around the globe.

About The Curator:

Informed by his years in agency creative, strategy, influencer marketing and integrated production, AndréSmith’s curatorial practice includes photo essays, mixed media, conceptualism, portraits, pop art, graffiti, works on wood and canvas, silkscreens, oil paintings and kitschy illustrations. For André, “Everything is really about platforms, channels and experiences.”

For press inquires and viewing by appointment, please contact Public Relations Director, Caitlin Sheehan at



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