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Mirus Gallery’s Geometry of Chance

Grant Miller's "Untitled (64)," 2011

Grant Miller’s “Untitled (64),” 2011


The Mirus Gallery’s August show, Geometry of Chance will only be up for one more week, but if you find yourself in the Rincon Hill area, it’s definitely worth the elevator ride up.

As its title implies, all the works are inspired by geometry, but each artist takes shapes to the extreme in their own way. What you end up with is a room full of hyper-dynamic works about to burst off their canvases.


Vesod's "Sphere," 2013

Vesod’s “Sphere,” 2013


Although it was difficult to narrow down, in this post you’ll find a selection of my favorites, but the one that really made me stop and stare was Vesod’s “Sphere.”

Something about the way the girl looks though and around the skull, the shapes and angles of the images fleeting and overlapping but haunting and just a little bit creepy. Orange shines through her rib cage — hugging tightly around a body that’s only a few decades from decay.


Detail, "Sphere"

Detail, “Sphere”

Leah Wolff's "Impossible Shapes," 2013

Leah Wolff’s “Impossible Shapes,” 2013


Geometry of Chance is on view until August 31 at Mirus Gallery, 540 Howard Street.


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