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Jenny Odell’s Satellite Collections

Bay Area artist Jenny Odell creates cool conglomerations of satellite images, collecting parks and football stadiums and arranging them together in circles, squares and rectangles. Everything is seen from above and cast against solid colors – she shrinks down whole bodies of water to make the whole world feel very small, playing god in a fun, giddy kind of way.

Satellite Collections” will be shown as part of SOMArt’s Electronic Pacific group show, on view July 12 in downtown San Francisco. Jenny expands on her satellite image motif through her Tumblr, “The Satellite Tourist.” Check it out to see interesting happenings on Earth!


"97 Nuclear Cooling Towers"

“97 Nuclear Cooling Towers”

"10 Waterslide Configurations"

“10 Waterslide Configurations”

"104 Airplanes"

“104 Airplanes”

"77 Waste and Salt Ponds"

“77 Waste and Salt Ponds”

"295 Roadside Signs"

“295 Roadside Signs”

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