Art Nerd City Guides: New York · Los Angeles

A Studio Visit with Steve Davis

The “American Dream” is defined in the dictionary as freedom, equality, and opportunity traditionally held to be available to every American and/or the personal happiness and material comfort gained and […]

Tara Donovan at Pace Gallery, Menlo Park

Pace Gallery is known internationally as an art world elite, representing major modern and contemporary artists (even celebrity artists) and showing leading exhibitions. This year Pace did something pretty awesome […]

Highlights from the 1890 Bryant Street Studios

This past weekend was the annual Spring Open Studios 2014 in the Mission.  While I didn’t have time to visit all of the open studios, I did make sure to […]

Mutual Wave Machine Experience at SVC 2014

The Mutual Wave Machine had its U.S. premiere last night at Silicon Valley Contemporary, and Art Nerd San Francisco contributor Ashley Gardini and I had the very first exclusive experience. […]

Infrastructure with Google at Intersection for the Arts

  Recently there have been conversations surrounding fine art and technology and how they cross-pollinate fields. Artists are making apps that are considered fine art, some use I-pads as a […]

Graphite Rules in Pencils Down

As a semimetal it is a family member of the diamond, the most stable form of carbon, the highest grade of coal, its used in steel and batteries, but we […]

Metamorphosis: Clothing and Identity

I have a confession to make. While I love art in pretty much any form, the medium that always gets my little heart to skip a beat is textiles. Even […]

Bay Area Art: Art Nerd’s Favorite 2013 Memories

2013 was an exciting year for art in the Bay Area. We made some major moves, turned some heads and hosted some of the most astounding exhibitions in the Nation. […]

Review of Anders Zorn at the Legion

Anders Zorn – what a pleasant surprise!  Having no preconceived expectations when I arrived to see Anders Zorn: Sweden’s Master Painter at the Legion of Honor, being completely unfamiliar with his […]

Thoughts on Matisse at the Legion of Honor

Matisse from SFMOMA, a one gallery collaboration between the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco and SFMOMA, is currently on view at the Legion of Honor.  Contrary to the title, this […]