Art Nerd City Guides: New York · Los Angeles

“Artforum Excavations” by Francesca Pastine

I recently “rediscovered”  the Artforum Excavation Series by San Francisco-based artist Francesca Pastine.  When discussing this series, Pastine explains that she considers her “interation with Artforum magazine as a meditation on materiality […]

#unassuminglyfeminist Alyssa Eustaquio

Approaching gender roles established by cultural and social expectation  SJSU MFA student Alyssa Estaquio explains “My work explores the relationship between my self-perceived role in the world and that which […]

It’s all about Leg Guns!

Anyone who follows Ai Weiwei on Instagram has been bombarded with image of leg guns – lots and lots of leg guns.  But what are they all about? Beijing Cream […]

Outside the Frame with Danielle Lawrence

I was recently introduced to the work of artist Danielle Lawrence who literally creates her work outside the frame as she manipulates mediums of wood, enamel, paint and other mixed […]

Awesome Artist #Selfies on Instagram

Because Olek crochets everything…even her bubble baths. Ai Weiwei is pretty prolific on all forms of social media – and is an avid fan of the selfie – so it’s […]

Artist App Obsessed

While working on the exhibition Poetic Codings (which opens at the San Jose ICA on May 31st) I have been introduced to a number of artists who create apps that […]

Ai WeiWei Loves Haircuts

Okay, so I always knew that Ai WeiWei loved his cats – but now he seems to have an obsession with awesome haircuts too!  Below are just some of the […]

The Colorful Geometrics of Maud Vantours

I’ve been absolutely obsessed with color lately.  I want it bright and I want lots of it!  So when I came across the geometric cutouts of Maud Vantours, I just […]

Be A Part of Street Art

Be a Part of Street Art is my latest Instagram obsession.  It’s entirely devoted to people interacting with and becoming a part of street art in adorable, creative ways.  It […]

LigoranoReese Snow Globes

At my bosses holiday party this year I admired this beauty of a snowglobe by LigoranoReese that she had personally been given by the artists for Christmas. Since, I have […]