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Canon PIXMA PRO City Senses

Canon’s PIXMA PRO City Senses wasn’t anything like I expected. We were literally guided through the photographers’ process before reaching the main gallery space. Initially I thought, well this is pretty gimmicky, but by the time I reached the gallery I wished I could afford a Canon printer too.


We were arranged in small groups upon arrival, and then led through a series of four dark rooms, each one dedicated to a sense other than sight. We were introduced to a “sensory trigger” and then they raised the lights to reveal the photographer’s photos that had been inspired by that sense, so that we could see their interpretations with the smell or taste still in our minds. The process kept our other senses busy while our eyes took in dozens of prints capturing the rustic feel of a California winery — which turned out to be the overall theme.


Even though it was all manufactured, it was still fun to follow the artist’s path from the sensory trigger to their photo, even if we might have taken different routes. The photos themselves featured dripping grapes on rough wood, scenic acres of California farm and corks galore.


This was the last of a three gallery tour across the U.S. that stopped in New York and Chicago before reaching the West Coast. Each had their own celebrity photographer, along with two local artists. But honestly I couldn’t tell which scenes were snapped by Food Network chef Tyler Florence, and which were from Erin Kunkel and Robyn Lehr.


Asking the other senses to compare to what our eyes took in from the Canon prints ended up being the most successful form of advertising Canon could have asked for. It was just nice that they chose to support the arts in three cities rather than buy more ad space.

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