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Become an Art Wanderer!

Hey Art Nerds!

wanderart-vertical-logo@2x copyI’m not writing as an Art Nerd blogger today, but as one of the founders of an art startup that’s working to document all the art outside, starting in San Francisco. We’re walking down every street and finding all the art there is, but we need your help!

We call ourselves ‘WanderArt,’ and in February we’re launching an app that’ll let anyone, anywhere document the art around them. But until then we’re looking for a group of hardcore art fanatics to join our community of ‘Original Wanderers.’

You’d pick the SF neighborhood that works best for you, and photograph all the art you find there. Take on a neighborhood with a friend and get to know the murals, street art and monuments around you, contributing to what we hope will grow into the largest public art database ever. Only want to wander half a neighborhood or even a third? No problemo, we’ll chop up the map into doable portions that work for you.

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We’ll watermark your photos for you with whatever name or URL you like, and add you to our ‘Team’ page as an Original Wanderer. Take a look at our neighborhood map to see if the place you’d like to wander is still up for grabs. You’d have until the end of January to finish your neighborhood, and we’ll prepare seats of honor for you (including free drinks!) at our launch party in February.

We know how precious your free time is, and since we can’t pay in actual dollar bills, let us know if you can think of any other ways we can thank you for helping us find art!

Sound like something you might be interested in? Email me at and I’ll send you our wandering handbook 🙂

Happy Friday!

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  1. 青春的价值,只有年老人才能认识。

  2. 我们就是这样的:生意可以不做,但人不能不做。

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