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Art on Market Street: 6 Posters On 36 Bus Kiosks

All along Market Street, from 8th Street to The Embarcadero, are 36 new posters created by Sanaz Mazinani in tribute to San Francisco’s rich history of social activism. There are six poster designs repeated six times, each dedicated to its own movement: Occupy, Anti-War, Freedom of Expression, Equality, LGBTQ Rights, and the Environment.

But these posters aren’t overt about their messages at all. Instead, Mazinani used her kaleidoscope play with perception to create six dizzying circles made up of images related to that particular movement, but you have to look closely to realize that the little splash of yellow is actually an Occupy SF banner, and the repeating rainbow is an AP photograph of a man pulling a rainbow flag behind him during San Francisco’s annual gay pride parade.

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Made possible by the San Francisco Arts Commission, each poster also includes a black-and-white counterpart that balances out the bright photographs from scenes of San Francisco activism. The black-and-white sections come from historical images long associated with that particular movement, harmonizing the past with the present as the fight for equality and social justice marches on.

The artist writes,

“To me, the public sphere is not only one of the most relevant spaces to inform art, but also the most poignant to make art. Since moving to the Bay Area in 2009, I remain drawn to the narrative of its political struggles and the ways in which the people of San Francisco have paved the way for many social advances that we enjoy today.

I am especially thrilled to be living in the US at a time when the Occupy Movement has forged spaces for conversation, and awakened political activism.”





Freedom of Expression






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