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Yoko Ono’s Bad Dancer is Weird and an Art Nerd’s Dream

Once I went to the Law and Order SVU woods at Central Park at 5am for one of Yoko Ono’s performances, that she never actually showed up for. That’s okay, it was pretty awesome (although in hindsight kind of dangerous?) That said, this video is ridiculous but I can’t help but love ALL of it. First, the song sounds just like Cibo Matto- who Sean Lennon was involved with forever…and star in the video… and I loved them in high school. Then there’s the Warhol Silver Factory style background, the backdrop while Yoko dances and paints a giant Robert Motherwell painting that then Cibo Matto, the Beastie Boys,?uestlove, Justin Vivian Bond, Roberta Flack, Ira Glass and Reggie Watts dance in front of. All that, and she’s serving a whole Liza Minelli cabaret look. I love it, I really do!

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