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What is Now Bergdorfs was Once the Largest NYC Mansion of the Gilded Era

We love Bergdorf Goodman for its continual celebration of art-meets-fashion with their innovative windows. But before the fashion mecca was built in 1928, the corner was home to the largest private residence to ever be built in New York- the Cornelius Vanderbilt II’s epic mansion. Built in full Renaissance style, with 130 rooms that sprawled across the entire city block. The over the top chateau was occupied by the Vanderbilt family of 8, and was designed by George B Post, who also designed the gorgeous domed Williamsburgh Savings Bank.┬áMillionaire’s Row, as Fifth Avenue was called during New York’s Gilded Age, slowly began to crumble as grandiose mansions were leveled to make room for retail shops. The jewel of Millionaire’s Row was one of the last to be demolished, long after Cornelius and much of his family had passed away. Most of the ornate fixtures and architectural pieces weren’t salvaged, but the original gates to the property can be found in Central Park at 105th and Fifth.

vanderbilt2 vanderbilt

Who: Vanderbilts

What: Cornelius Vanderbilt Mansion

Where: 57th and 5th

2 Responses to “What is Now Bergdorfs was Once the Largest NYC Mansion of the Gilded Era”
  1. Chinon Maria says:

    So sad how many amazing buildings were destroyed before the landmarks and preservation committee was formed after penny station was torn down in the 60’s… One of the first buildings to be slated as a landmark and be preserved was grand central….

  2. Style Island says:

    @NYtravfest that is too cool! I LOVE old newyork, more then the new one! #vintagenyc

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