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West Village Surprise: West 10th Window

It may not look like much in between exhibitions, but the West 10th Window comes on like a little art surprise in the city. Since 2003, there are a smattering of corporate spaces owned by Time Equities dedicated to showcasing contemporary art, in a program called Art in Buildings. The program’s most recent space is a storefront window on West 10th and Bleecker that functions solely as an exhibition space, amidst the West Village classic sex shops, chic cafes and high end boutiques.  It may be just a teeny tiny spot, but its a creative surprise that takes passersby aback while they are wandering the streets.


The most recent exhibition in the West 10th Window is an installation by Patrice Renee Washington called Drab Contortionist.


What: West 10th Window Exhibition Space

Where: 223-225 West 10th St

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