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Welcome to the Archive

Hello! I had a great time creating Art Nerd New York over the years. It started as something for me to do. I had been fired from a gallery job and was bored, so I’d walk, walk and walk some more around the city, and take note of sculptures and architecture along the way. This turned into a full-on nerdy spread sheet, eventually an ugly TUMBLR and finally this website. I started to add contemporary art listings, reviews, videos and obsessions to the site. Sometimes I’d have 6 or 7 new articles every day, and at one point added contributors who covered whatever they wanted. I loved it, but as many of us know, it was a project of passion, not money. It’s extremely difficult to run a website/blog full time, and it started to become a burden. October 17, 2018, I donated a kidney to my friend. The physical recovery was 6-8 weeks. Two weeks after my surgery, my dad died. Despite these two intense hardships, people kept bugging me to post their shows here, even days before my dad’s funeral. I totally lost interest in up keeping my own online platform after that.

And so, I present this archive, for all of your New York history needs. There may be typos, but they will live on with this archive. Who knows, I may pick it back up for one day, but as of now, we’re living in the past.

Thanks for the support in the past and good luck with your future!

xx Lori Zimmer

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