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Weird, Awesome or Enlightening? “Participatory Walks” with @ElasticCity

This August, Elastic City is offering up unique “participatory” walks by internationally acclaimed artists.  Its not clear if these tours are:

a) nonsensical performance art pieces
b) bizarre history tours
c) the absolute most enlightening thing you could with your time.

Worth noting, the Times Square ‘lesser known sounds’ tour will likely include our favorite permanent art installation by Max Neuhaus! If you end up going on one of these walks please message us or leave a comment, we’d love to know more about your experience.

“Map of the Eccentric” by The Alpine Rooster (Dannielle Tegeder & Pablo Helguera)
Image credit: Academy Artworks

Image credit: Academy Artworks

The Alpine Rooster (Dannielle Tegeder & Pablo Helguera) will lead participants on a 6 hour walk (with breaks and subway rides) to uncover one’s own eccentricities alongside some of the city’s overlooked eccentrics.  The “Map of the Eccentric” walk focuses on the lives of individuals who at some point may have been deemed eccentric by their contemporaries: a theosophist Russian artist, the worst singer in history who would rent Carnegie Hall for her lavish solo performances, the first woman leader of an American religion, a psychoanalyst in the Upper West Side of Manhattan who started one of the most scandalous radical left-wing cults in US history.   If you’re into to the eccentric and NYC history then this is for you!

It’s happening on Thursday, August 8th at 11am.

Meeting Point:
319 West 107th Street, New York, NY



“The Lesser-Known Sounds of Times Square” by Nina Katchadourian & Andrew Zarou

Nina Katchadourian & Andrew Zarou will re-animate the Times Square soundscape. Because Times Square is so overwhelming both visually and acoustically, it may seem like the worst place to try to practice listening. For this very reason, we’d like to take you to some lesser-known sounds of Times Square. On some historical sites, we may try to reinsert sound to animate it again; at other sites, we might provide the vocal musical accompaniment. We hope to introduce you to sounds you might never have noticed or understood. Come willing to listen, talk, and even sing along.

Happening two nights, August 20th and 22nd both tours are at 7pm.

Meeting Point:
Please meet outside of 1515 Broadway in Manhattan


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