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Warhol’s Favorite Restaurant- Elaine’s

When it opened in 1963, Elaine’s Restaurant on the Upper East Side quickly became a haven for artists and writers alike. Andy Warhol often dined here as did Helen Frankenthaler and Robert Motherwell. Woody Allen, Joseph Heller, Mia Farrow and George Plimpton were also regulars. The restaurant was a simple diner but the proprietress Elaine Kaufman made it a comfortable place to be. Known for chain smoking and being brassy, Elaine forbid hamburgers to be sold on the menu, and would kick out customers she didn’t like when new ones came in. The place was a hot bed of creativity, and a became an icon in itself. Elaine died in 2011 and after forty years the restaurant was closed. Her ephemera was sold at Doyle’s auction house, proving that she had a lasting effect on the creative New York world.

warhol ELAINE'S

The restaurant is now called The Writing Room and still has Elaine’s original canopy.

Who: Andy Warhol, Helen Frankenthaler, Robert Motherwell

What: Elaine’s Restaurant

Where: 1703 Second Ave. at 88th St.

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  1. I ate here a few times. Once with a girlfriend many years ago. I insisted that we sit at Marlon Brando’s table. Elaine was kissing all the old folks as they were sitting down. Every person in the place looked like they had just been embalmed. I ordered filet mignon and my girlfriend had a very basic salad. She threw a fit when they charged her $18 for the salad. They explained to her that she ordered the salad as an entree. They ended up charging her $8 for the salad. We never went back there again.

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