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Warhol- Lost Then Found

Hey kids! Tomorrow is the last day for this, so go check it out and have a chat with the friendly gallerists. Maybe they’ll even give you a classic silver balloon like they did me!


The idea of finding a folder of lost portraits of Andy Warhol seems a little fishy to me, like the artist planned for them to be lost and rediscovered. Whether that is true or not, it happened- a series of 80s portraits by Steve Wood were unearthed magically, like one of Warhol’s famed time capsules. It is sort of magical to get a chance to be one of the first audiences to experience something unseen of Warhol’s, and gives me a feeling like a kid on Christmas.

The pictures are in an exhibition aptly titled “Lost Then Found” which will run May 3rd-12th at 345Meatpacking at 345 West 14th Street.


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